Why hire a designer?

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“I’ve got good taste.  Why do I need a designer?”  “I’ll just go order a room I like out of Pottery Barn.”   These statements are both true.  So why hire a designer?  Because great designers help you express your style in ways that you might not on your own.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have heard from my clients at least four times, “WOW, I love it, I never would have picked it but I love it.” Statements like this make me smile all over because that statement is at the core of my design philosophy.  In general terms I view myself as a editor in the design process.  My job is to get to know you as the client and most importantly how you want to live and be in the future space.  Then, I take my experience, knowledge, and recourses of the industry and create a wonderful space that fulfills all of those objectives.  When I make a selection for a project I am not just saying “it looks pretty” I am saying “this meets all the requirements for the space and looks pretty”.

During the design process I always try and push my clients a little out of their comfort zone.  This might sound scary or like you you will end up with something that is not really you but it’s what always leads to the “Wow, I love it” reaction.  If I were to do everything just as the client would do on their own then why hire me?  The best part of the design process and working together as a team is helping clients take their project to the next design level, a level that more accurately represents their dream space.  This stepping out comes in many different forms, it usually isn’t much- remember they still need to feel comfortable in the space once I am gone- but it always is just outside of the normal box for them and always something the client would have not thought of or tried on their own.  Clients often ask me, “How did you come up with that idea?”  This is what sets designers apart, we just get inspired all the time.  Working together allows clients the freedom to take risks they wouldn’t on their own, they trust me to guide them away from costly, disappointing mistakes.   Ultimately, this gives them some safety from which to explore.

When you choose to work with a designer you should expect them to help you find your design style and challenge you to step out and grow a little. Most clients start our first conversation with something like, “My taste is  Pottery Barn, or Crate n Barrel, etc. This is a good starting point and these stores have some great stuff.  My ultimate goal is to help each client find their own unique style that reflects themselves and can’t be described by naming a big box chain.  Your home should be a deeply personal space that reflects you and your family. That’s what makes your home a Haven.


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