Disney Alaskan Cruise

Cadillac Lounge Grill

Cadillac Lounge Grill

Taking your entire family (husband, 2 kids, and both sets of parents) on a week-long Disney Alaskan Cruise may not be on your bucket list, but you may want to reconsider.  As the last of the only two states that I had yet to visit (now only Hawaii is left to enjoy), Alaska had long been a dream destination.  I am also a long-time Disney fan, so it only made sense to combine the two.  I appreciate the Disney company for its wonderful stories, characters and parks, even holding the Disney Imagineer as my dream job.  The thought of creating the beautiful environments and designs that people experience is completely enthralling to me. 

The Disney Cruise held up the Disney standards of detail and thought for both kids and adults.  My favorite room was the Cadillac Lounge, an adults-only nightclub. The nostalgic feel had handsome, rich colors creating a 50s lounge feel without being overdone or too cutesy. It had an edge that made the club feel adult and modern, which can be a difficult balance when emulating an era.  As Disney describes it:

Cadillac diner

Cadillac Lounge

 “The Cadillac Lounge recalls the glorious heyday of the Rat Pack at their peak in the late 1950s. Boasting luxurious dark wood walls, low-lit fiber-optic city street murals, and custom chrome and alabaster headlight fixtures on the ceiling, the nightclub provides a romantic setting for adults and couples looking to escape to a more relaxed and subdued environment. Overstuffed armchairs, large porthole windows and a bucket-seat bar add to the cozy setting.

The highlight of the venue is an authentic-looking Cadillac El Dorado grill that sits behind the teak wood dashboard bar. Designed by Walt Disney Imagineering in conjunction with General Motors, the automobile features working headlights. Additionally, decorative Cadillac Coupe de Ville tailfin accessories built into the walls and columns as well as illuminated red automobile lights create the illusion that you’re sitting in an authentic vintage Cadillac car.”


Disney Statue

Disney Statue



The kids’ areas throughout the ship were separated nicely with great consideration and attention to the common areas.  They successfully fashioned the exact atmosphere they were striving to create. 




Not to omit our destination, Alaska itself was beautiful and allowed us to enjoy salmon fishing and the eskimo sculptures including totem poles. We learned about their carving, the history and traditions.

Travel is always rewarding, both as a designer, and simply as a guest exploring another country, culture or neighborhood.  The discoveries I make consistently challenge my way of thinking and grow my design skills. Let me know if you have a project, or friend, in need of a professional look. 




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