So Why Should I Hire A Designer?

Just like you can do your own taxes or write your own will, you can also handle your own interior design.

But working with a professional interior designer has its benefits. In short, a trained design professional will:

  • Save money by helping you avoid mistakes that need to be replaced or designed around in the future
  • Save you time by “putting it all together” for you
  • Educate you regarding other choices available
  • Find creative solutions to your specific challenges by utilizing their knowledge of materials and building practices
  • Keep the project focused and pay attention to details, which results in a room that is “fabulous” not just “ok”
  • Provide guidance and assurance to try something new and bolder than you would try without the assurance of their experience
  • Provide access to items not available to the public, plus contractors and craftspeople that have been vetted and have a proven track record
  • Reduce stress by providing project management.
  • Maximize your existing items and show you how to repurpose them.

The bottom line? A well-designed space that is cohesive and you feel good in.  One where the details add to the whole without overwhelming it and there is balance and movement.  When you walk in you feel good- more like you- in the space.  This is your haven and the final design should make you happy and last for years to come.


What does your consultation include?

That depends.

For a one-room update, I can simply provide new furniture layouts and add some accessories.  Or I can propose items to buy, design window treatments, select color schemes or suggest ideas to liven up the space.

We can also take a look at your whole home.  We can discuss what you love and what isn’t working and tailor the project to your budget and timeline.

Every project is unique. Contact me to discuss your individual needs.


Can I do the work myself?

Of course you can. We can provide the overall design plan and you can implement it, either doing the work yourself or hiring your own labor.

Or, you can have us handle the entire process, giving you access to our specialty vendors and high-quality subcontractors thus making the entire process a snap.


Do I have to use your subcontractors?

No. I have spent years building a trusted network of contractors that show up on time, are professional and do great work.

I also know that many clients know such people themselves or have worked with people they like in the past and I am happy to coordinate with these sub-contractors during the course of your project.

I even have a few homeowners that choose to do some of the work themselves.


Do I have to purchase from you?

No. Again I have many resources for unique items that cannot be readily found on the retail market.

If you are more comfortable purchasing for yourself and not taking advantage of my purchasing services that is fine. You assume all responsibility for verifying products and item numbers, placing, tracking, receiving and installing these items.


What are your rates?

My rates are competitive with other designers in the area that share my education and level of experience.  When we work together, you are “buying” my 16 years of experience, which means you get the benefit of my knowledge, contacts, and time management expertise.  After our initial meeting, which is free, I can usually give a fairly accurate estimate of how many hours are needed for a project based upon my years of experience.


How do you bill?

I bill in a variety of ways depending on the project needs.

I can bill hourly or on a project basis. This will be decided after our initial meeting.  Before purchasing anything, an estimate or proposal will be presented. Upon acceptance a deposit will be collected and the order placed. Balances are due upon delivery.  All of this is clearly outlined in your Letter of Agreement.


How would you describe your style?

My own personal style is irrelevant. I have done just about every style that is out there.

A good portion of our first interview is spent discerning your style. Some people have a hard time figuring this out, so I ask many detailed questions to help guide us in the right direction.

The goal of every project is to create a home that reflects your style, how you want to live and entertain, and not the current trends (unless, of course, that’s what you want).


How long will the process take?

This is unique to each project and client. At the initial meeting we’ll go over the budget and timeline in detail to ensure that everyone has realistic goals and expectations.

On average, I strive to return all phone calls and e-mails within 24 hours. Depending on what the project involves, you can expect to meet with me about every two weeks during the process.


Do I have to do it all at once?

No. Not many people have unlimited budgets.

I recommend a master plan for all projects, but depending on timeline and budget, most projects can be broken down into smaller stages.


Do you provide drawings?

I am capable of providing drawings if the project dictates it. These are usually for conceptual uses only. Subcontractors use these to generate quotes, but I’m not an architect and cannot provide design-build drawings.

Instead, I work with other professionals when necessary to generate these plans.


Do you accept credit cards?

No. In order to accept credit cards, I would have to increase my fees to offset the costs involved. I periodically question clients as to whether I should add this service and the answer is always ‘no’.


Is it true that designers have access to furnishings not readily available to the public?

Absolutely! I am constantly scouring the market for one-of-a-kind items. It’s a passion of mine. I also visit the Denver Design District and the Denver Merchandise Mart often to get unique and hard to find items.


The process of working with Laura to decorate my office was a great experience. She not only listened to my needs for how the office should function, but she also brilliantly and subtly incorporated the look and feel of my company into the design.

Laura encouraged me to think outside the box and suggested having a muralist paint a design on my ceiling. The end result is something I never would have come up with on my own but still very much “me”. My office is now my favorite room in the house — it just looks so beautiful and sophisticated. I can’t wait to work with Laura to do the same to our bedroom!



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