Chic Rustic Bedroom

Soothing, Modern Master Bedroom

To freshen a dated master bedroom and bathroom, a modern and soothing color palette was chosen. The sophisticated touches add elegance yet are still comfortable. Colors and style flow into the remodeled master bathroom.

Lookout Ridge Master Suite

Lookout Ridge Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom/Bath

Studio Bedroom

Striped Bedroom Closeup

Bed Detail.

The client wanted a bed that made you want to crawl into bed each night.  We made sure that it would be comfortable to read in and luxurious enough to make anyone feel special.

Romantic and Elegant Bedroom

A very personal space.

This master bedroom is for a single woman in Highlands Ranch. She wanted a space that was romantic and soft, full of rest and elegance.  The horizontal stripes add interest while still being tranquil.  We threw in small reminders of her travels around the world to personalize the space.

Striped Bedroom Seating

Seating Detail

This close up shows the detail in the curtains.  They involve layers that help to create the elegance of the room.  Three different fabrics were used and a custom trim was manufactured to finish it all off.  We paired the formality of the fabric with a little whimsy in the zebra print chair.  The side table showcases perfume bottles that the client collects to make the corner feel more personal.

Guest Room

Home Away From Home

This guest room originated with the curtain fabric that the client fell in love with.  “Build a room around this!” she said. The end product is a space that people love to stay in and always compliment.

Sunny Bedroom

Arizona meets Massachusetts

This client had just moved from Phoenix to Boston and needed help combining their furniture and lifestyle from the desert to lush east coast.  We left references to their roots with the artwork and furniture but added softer colors and fresher fabrics that worked well with different light.

Refined Bedroom

Relaxing after a long day

This space is formal and casual at the same time.  The vaulted ceilings were treated very simply to add depth but not be overly fussy.  The color palate was kept soft and relaxing.  The chocolate brown is "yummy" in the space and the blue is soothing.  The creamy trim color creates a nice blend between the two.  A variety of finishes and styles were used in the furniture to create that collected look.

Hawaiian Inspired Bedroom

 Broomfield CO Bedroom Project

This master bedroom for a couple in Broomfield was tons of fun to create. The client has family in Hawaii and wanted a space inspired by their numerous travels to the area. The quilt on the bed was made by locals and took 3 months to produce.  From there we added a built-in and a seating area so that the couple could enjoy time alone in the evenings. They surrounded themselves with objects that reflect their personalities and tastes to that it is truly a private get away.

Hawaiian Bedroom Window Seat

Master Bedroom Window Seat

What great pillows.  I had trouble not keeping a few of these for myself. The space was made personal with items from their travels to the Island as well as great fabrics for seat cushion that could hold it's own next to the impact of the bedspread.
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