A tale of Turquoise

As I have mentioned before, each year the Pantone Color Institute names a color of the year.  Their goal is to tap into the psychology of the world and describe our goals and desires.  For 2010 that color was turquoise.  I alway love to see how their forecast plays out here in the US and more locally in my neck of the woods.  With 2010 over I thought I would reflect a little…..

While none of my clients this year wanted to paint their offices or dining rooms turquoise, every girl’s room that I did- had to have it.  It’s not hard to imagine why: just open any kids catalog and you will see that they have fully embraced the trend.  The color itself is fun and lighthearted.  It has a lot of energy so it translates well to kid spaces.  While many of us might have set ideas about the color, I had a great time tailoring it to each girl’s personality and needs.  For me, the interesting part of working with trends or interpreting trends is figuring out how they work for you (if at all) and then putting your own unique spin on them so they feel relevant and natural to your life.

In the first room I did this year, the young girl was 9.  She didn’t want a pink room anymore and declared herself “not a girly girl.”  On a shopping trip they found a great bedspread which led the way for the other dramatic elements.  This definitely isn’t a girly room, and it has has lighthearted and whimsical elements just like her.  The big “out-of-the-box idea” was to open up her closet a little and make it a part of the room by painting it to match her room and adding built-ins.  Her hamster now has a new home which she loves and we added functional, stylish storage space.

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