The Dale Chihuly Museum

As a long time fan of Dale Chihuly, I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the newly opened museum dedicated to Mr. Chihuly in Seattle.  The iconic glass sculptor creates awe-inspiring works of art stretching the boundaries of glass blowing in texture, size, color, treatment and placement.  Dales career started with simpler, fluid sculptures and has evolved creating pieces of remarkable balls, plates, seascapes, boats, flowers and fluid shapes.  His works are exhibited in museums, gardens and numerous other locations in more than 30 states, Canada, England, Italy, Singapore, United Kingdome, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

Dale Chihuly Museum sculptures

Glass Cactus and Tendrils


The Dale Chihuly Museum chronicles his journey through art with both interior and exterior displays, both large-scale sculpture and small collections. 

The interior pieces bring conventional landscape elements, and create vibrant glass versions of cacti, leaves, and shapes that seem to grow before your eyes. 


A Seattle State of Mind

Seattle conjures images of the historic Pike Place Fish Market, the original Starbucks coffee shop and the iconic space needle.  It was on a recent first time visit to this beautiful city that my family and I enjoyed the usual spots, but discovered much more. Architectural elegance, beauty in unexpected places, and a Guggenheim-designed children’s museum that delighted us all.  


Bacon is my favorite so I loved this statute!

Bacon is my favorite so I loved this statue!


My girls and I at the Pike Peak Fish Market.

Enjoying the flowers at the Pike Peak Fish Market with my daughters.


The original Starbucks.

The original Starbucks complete with musicians.



Ode to Tile

No trip to Spain would be complete without a mention of Spanish tiles. In my previous blogs you have seen many examples of their amazing cultural heritage.  Much like the rest of Spanish design, these tiles have been created from an amazing blend of cultures and people that have been a part of the country through the years.
"Green Tiled Roof"

“Green Tiled Roof”


Most of the tile designs are unique to the country, but with a closer look you can see influences from the Middle East and Africa as well as religious influences of Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam. The colors are vibrant, bold and beautiful and were created by a process that the Spanish finally perfected in the 11th century when the Arabʼs invaded the Iberian peninsula. The style is so unique that hundreds of years later they are still readily recognized around the world. Recently they have regained favor and are found in mainstream design again.


"Tiled Columns"

“Tiled Columns”

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