Design Philosophy

Nothing makes me happier than knowing I’ve helped create a home where you can truly relax, be yourself and enjoy your surroundings. I sincerely believe that coming home to a beautiful, personalized space after a hard day’s work is revitalizing. That’s why we’re called Haven.

As your interior designer, my goal is simple: to collaborate with you to design a space that truly reflects your tastes. I consider myself an editor of sorts, helping you pick and choose what works for your space—and your lifestyle.  As such, I bring my experience, connections, and knowledge of materials to each project. Then I mix that with insight and a fresh perspective, so each project results in an environment as unique as its client. The best projects are those where everyone involved feels that we are a team with the same goal—a beautiful space that becomes your haven.

Not only do I help you visualize the final project, I work hard to ease you through the design process. I want you to enjoy having the design done as much as you enjoy having the final design. This is supposed to be fun!


Your home has the ability to invigorate, relax, entertain and revive you. It should be a reflection of what you want to say and how you live your life– not your designer or society’s whims. I strive to understand my clientele, their personalities, and their desires so that their space reflects their vision and goals for the project.”

~ Laura Hodgson

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