King Living Room

Fireplace Remodel

Relaxing Living Room & Wine Room

Hanger Living and Family Rooms

Lookout Ridge Living Room

Lookout Ridge Living Room 2

Lookout Ridge – Family and Dining Room

Lookout Ridge Family Room

New Entry with Custom Rod-Iron Stairway and Doors

Family Room

This young couple had two small kids and their priorities were a space with storage and lots of room to play.  We picked colors with energy to match their personalities and versatile furniture that is easily moved.

Family Room

Warm and Inviting.

This family room is used mainly for entertaining.  The overall feel is somewhat formal but still inviting.  Strong details like the fireplace and built-in’s are balanced with the softer seating and layered window treatments.

Warm and Inviting Living Room

Perfect for entertaining

This living room in Westminster is for a family with growing children.  They entertain often and wanted a space that felt warm and inviting for their guests.  Although this room is formal and contains many family heirlooms it is comfortable enough that guests feel relaxed.  The wife loves purple and greens so they play a common theme throughout the house.

Casual Family Room

Thornton Family Room.

This family room was a compete remodel.  We removed the existing small fireplace and stone to create a dramatic focal point for the retired couple that lives here.  We added a wall of ledge stone around two built-in units to showcase their favorite items and hide the T.V. and electronics.  We also removed a large built-in bar and replaced it with a smaller piece to reflect how they really entertain.  The new furniture was selected with comfort in mind.  The custom window treatments and various accessories were inspired by the husbands time in the Orient.    

Cozy Corner

Perfect for snuggling up with a good book.

This comfortable chair is great for watching T.V. or curling up with a good book.  The back pillow is removable to accommodate various tastes and two tables are perfect for resting a drink or snack on.

Causal Family Room

Westminster Family Room

This room for a family with two teenage girls needed to have lots of flexibility.  They often have friends over to watch movies and wanted to be able to move items around to have more room on the floor.  Plenty of tables were used so there is always a place for drinks or snacks.  The parents also wanted the space to be beautiful since it is just inside the front door.  I think we achieved both.

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