Custom Canopy Detail

What a Dream

We created a custom canopy for this project that had all of the energy of the girl that lives here.  The sheers draw close and the sparkly trim that edges them adds sparkle to the morning light coming in.  One fun detail is the pouf ceiling so that while you are laying under it you feel like you are in a cloud.

Fun Girl’s Bed

Pillow Detail

Layers upon layers is what adds that fun element to this scene.  Can you imagine hanging out on this bed talking to your friends on the phone?

Fun Girl’s Bedroom Wall Detail

Flower Power

To soften the bold strokes in this bedroom we added softer flower heads floating in the "breeze" around the room.  They impart a touch of whimsy and give the space a lighter air.

Funky Sophistication

Ready for the World

This bedroom was created for a 17 year old girl almost ready for the "real world" and college.

We wanted to to honor her place at this crossroads and allow for both childlike play with the chalkboard and grownup fun with the reading and music corner.

A slight bohemian feel was added with the lamp and other accessories.

Funky Headboard

Personalized for you

Following the theme of the room we created a headboard that mimicked a wrought iron bed with her initials integrated into the design.

Don't overlook the pink bird perched on one side, to me this signifies the little bird getting ready to leave the nest.

The pillow follow the bohemian theme and remind you that a vibrant girl hangs out here.

Funky music corner

Music hangout

This corner is a place to read or play the guitar.

Tiger Room

Boys Room

This little boys room was created based upon his favorite book about a little tiger that doesn't want to go to bed.  We took scenes from the book and had murals done on his walls.  THe bedspread was custom made to look like a river flowing through the jungle.  The window treatments were fun to create.  We took branches and made them an extension of the painted trees in the room.

Outdoors Room

Love of Nature

This little girl living in Superior wanted a room that looked like she was sleeping outside.  We created a mural that went on every wall in her room.  The effect is stunning.  The flat irons are in one corner and an aspen grove is on another wall while a field of flowers completes the scene.  We finished it all off with a custom made bed that looks like a house so that he she has her own world inside her room.

Fun Girls Bedroom

Tween girl getaway

This energetic girl wanted a room with as much energy as herself.  We used bold color to create tons of impact then we balanced it with softer touches like the painted murals around the room and lighter bedspread.  We had a custom canopy made with bed curtains so that she could retreat to her  own place and read once in a while.

Pretty in Pink

Plenty of room to grow

This little girls room was created when she was 3.  We were striving for a space that would grow with her and be relevant for several years.  So avoiding the traditional pink girls room we added orange to spice it up.  The walls have three dimensional wall art.  The shelf that goes around the room is now filled with pictures, treasures and stuffed animals.  The fan was painted to match our color scheme before we hung it.

Room to Grow

Room To Grow

This 10 year old girls room in Centennial was designed with her future growth in mind.  While she now loves being out doors and riding horses we knew that might not always be the case.  We used a muralist to give us an abstracted outdoor scene.  This allows her enjoy it now but adapt it as she grow to be very modern or retro depending on what we add.  She loves the space!

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