Hanger Dining Room

Lookout Ridge Kitchen & Dining Room

King Kitchen

Grant Kitchen

Sleek Kitchen

Sleek kitchen

The owners of this modern kitchen wanted a space that reflected their taste and was functional at the same time.  They entertain often and needed designated spaces for prep, cooking, storage and a bar.  The glass back splash, blue back lighting and accents provided some personality while the stainless steel appliances selected and careful layout added the function they were looking for.  There is plenty of room for a crowd now when everyone gravitates to the kitchen.

Hanger Kitchen

Sleek Kitchen Island

Lookout Ridge Dining Room

Lookout Ridge Dining Room 2

Lookout Ridge – Family and Dining Room

French Country Kitchen

Warm and Inviting Kitchen.

The clients did not want your standard kitchen so we made sure to add many layers.  For complexity we used a variety of materials: two types of cabinets, both granite and marble, bead board and stone.  The end result is a space that is rich and inviting.  There are many things for your eyes to play with and rest on.

Warm and Intimate Dining Room

Linger and Enjoy dessert!

Deep tones were used in this dining room to create warmth and intimacy.  The traditional silk window treatments add elegance and drama.  The mood in this space at night is fantastic.  One is drawn into the space and wants to linger and enjoy friends and good conversation.

Eclectic Eat in Kitchen

Tradition meets Modern.

This client was updating their kitchen and wanted to mix their taste for modern and their collection of more traditional items.  We arrived at a wonderful blend of their favorites.


Updated Kitchen and Dining

Working with existing to provide new variety.

Though these clients live in Thornton they love to travel the world.  While updating their kitchen we worked with some existing inlays in the floor but made sure to add many new elements to reflect their current interests and desires.  The built in display area doubles as a mini desk area for the woman of the house and there is plenty of space now to showcase their treasures from their many trips.    

Bold and Beautiful kitchen

Dynamic kitchen

The owners of this Centennial kitchen have a vibrant young family and outgoing personalities. They wanted a kitchen that reflected themselves and their lifestyle.  We fell in love with the cheery fabric for the curtains and embraced the bold nature by adding plenty of red accents and balancing it with apple green.   The architecture provided the neutral backdrop that we needed to compete the room.

French Country Dining

Architectural Details.

This half wall/columns and arches were added to this space.  The desire was to maintain some openness in the space but to also delineate two areas and provide a little more intimacy.   The end result is one that adds architectural interest and detail to the space.
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