Spain: Restrooms and Restaurants

I  can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since I visited Spain.  While the architecture and food were wonderful, one of the things that stand out the most in my mind is —THE BATHROOMS .  Can you believe it?  Here in the US, commercial design for bathrooms is often an afterthought.  Money is invested in the dining area and kitchens while the bathrooms “just need to be nice and clean”.

My husband laughs at me because everywhere we go, I like to check out the ladies room to size up the true design of the place.  Of course trips abroad are no exception, and I was pleasantly surprised with how wonderful the bathrooms were in Spain (as opposed to Greece).

To my husband’s horror, I had to take pictures (I got few stares from patrons too) of the best of the bunch.

Restroom Door with "tongue in cheek" graphics

This was a bathroom in Barcelona, which was in the basement so I was a little worried at what I would find inside.  I smiled at the tongue in check signs on the door but once inside, I laughed out loud.  Back at the table I begged my husband to go tell me what was in the men’s room but sadly he didn’t need to use the facilities!

This restroom was unexpected since it was set in a more traditional style restaurant. From the look of the door, you wouldn’t expect something so fun when you entered.  I loved the way the papers wrapped around on the floor and over to a modern wash area.

Newspapered RestroomRestroom with Newspapered floor

Newspapered Restroom



Spain: Exteriors and Entryways

While traveling through Spain, time and again I was impressed with the importance placed on hospitality and the Spaniard’s desire to make me feel welcome.  This was most obviously displayed in the lavish exteriors and entryways I saw throughout Spain.

Tiled Entryway in Seville

 Most of the buildings that were relatively simple on the outside, added flower boxes and bright punches of color to help it feel sunny and bright.

Exterior with Flower Boxes in Segovia


Arched Entry of Mezquita


Stylish Stairwell in Barcelona

Tiled Stairway in Granada

Once you walked through the front door you were treated with a feast for the eyes!  Often small, these entries were lavishly decorated with beautiful tiles and designs, inviting you into the space. Even the modern designs added color or architectural details to make the transitional areas stand on their own.



This got me thinking about the homes here in Colorado.  Our foyers or entries are often smaller than homes in other parts of the country, thus they are often overlooked and under-decorated areas.  This doesn’t have to be the case.  As you can see from the pictures, you can do a lot with a little.


Barcelona Is A Blast!

 Welcome back to part two of five in my travel log from my recent trip to Spain.


Today I will focus on Barcelona and it’s architecture.  What I found holds true for most of the country as well but nowhere is it as visible as in Barcelona.

Spain has been a thriving country for more than 500 years:  needless to say they have some old buildings.  These structures have beautiful details and diverse styles from distinct periods of history.  However, for a while now Spain has been in love with all things modern.

Sagrada Familia



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